Sunday, 6 November 2016

Difference between Filter and Router Transformation in Informatica

Filter Transformation vs Router Transformation:

In this Informatica Tutorial, I will clearly explain the differences in a simple way. We know that these 2 transformations are active and connected transformations. Both Router and Filter Transformations are used to filter the input data coming from the source or coming from any other transformations.In short we can say that, router transformation acts like group of filters as it allows many conditions. In Informatica, Filter Transformation is just like where condition in SQL. Though both are almost used for the same purposes. There are some slight differences between them while using them in Informatica Mapping.

Filter Transformation in Informatica:

1. We can apply only one condition in filter to filter the data.
2. Filter Transformation is used only when we want to load the data into single target

3. It can not capture the rejected records.

Router Transformation in Informatica:

1. We can specify any number of conditions in Router Transformation.

2. This is used when we want to load the data into multiple targets.

3. It can capture the rejected records but filter can not.

Here Rejected Record means the record for which none of the given conditions are satisfied.
All the rejected records will be in the default group of the Router Transformation. We can use these rejected records to other transformations or directly to the target systems.

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