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Informatica Interview Questions and Answers

Informatica Interview Questions:

Now a days there are many jobs on Informatica PowerCenter and the salaries on Informatica tool are also very high. Before reading this post completely, Please check the below video. It is the best video I have seen till now. I have found this on youtube. It will be very useful for those who are trying for jobs on Informatica as a fresher and experienced. It will give you a clear picture on how to prepare and what to prepare.

Now, I have to say about my personal experience and few things about me. Currently, I am working in TCS company in Bengaluru. I have more than 3 years of Real Time Experience now. Before getting this job, I have attended more than 15 interviews in different companies. I faced different types of questions there and I mentioned all those questions with answers here.

If you are keeping your gap as fake experience, this post is especially for you. You need to prepare the following before attending to the interviews on Informatica:

  1. You must be perfect in all Informatica Topics
  2. You must learn Informatica Scenarios which are used in the real time
  3. You must be ready to answer about any Informatica Transformations and related questions
  4. You should strong knowledge on SQL
  5. You must know the basics of UNIX
  6. Knowledge on data ware house concepts

 Informatica Scenarios Based Interview Questions:

Informatica questions for experienced and freshers will be different. For the experienced candidates, the interviews will be little bit tough when compared to the freshers. Informatica Real Time Scenarios are the main concepts where the interviewers mainly concentrate and this will decide whether you are a real time employee or fake. The theory part questions can be answered very easily by every one if you know the Informatica Basics.

In their point of view, if you have worked in the real time, you will answer these scenarios perfectly. Because your daily routine will be working with these scenarios only.
To answer Scenario Based Interview Questions, SQL knowledge is compulsory. If you use little bit common sense and apply the SQL knowledge, answering these questions is not a matter to you.If you know PLSQL, it will be an added advantage to you. Though PLSQL is not mandatory. Without any doubt, You will be given more preference if you know at least basics of PLSQL. This knowledge is required only in few projects where the procedures are necessary.
Procedures are used in some projects like while adding the indexes in the target systems after running the workflows. You must answer the real time scenarios keeping the best logics in mind. Because the best logics in the transformations will make the workflow to run very fast.

Informatica Transformations:

There are many transformations available in Informatica like Filter Transformation, Router Transformation. We use particular transformations for a specific use. But the interviewer will ask only about the Informatica Transformations that you have used in your project. 
You have to answer that and why you have used that. And the main thing is they will ask more and more questions on the Slowly Changing Dimensions(SCDs). These are the key concepts. The technical team or the interviewer will spend atleast 20 to 30 minutes of time on these SCD's.
That is the reason why I am asking you to know about the transformations in informatica.
The questions on SCDs will be like this.

  • How many types of SCD are there in Informatica and at what situation you will use them
  • Which SCD you have used in your project.
  • List out the order of the transformations that you have used in your SCD during the project.
  • Why did you choose only that particular SCD.
Most probably, everyone will use SCD of type 2 in the major number of projects. In few projects, SCD type 1. Some times both will used in the same project. Only in the rare cases the last one will be used.
If you answer the above type of questions and know the basic commands of unix commands and where and how you apply those commands, you can crack the interview very easily. See the below questions. These are the questions which I faced during the interviews in Informatica.

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