Friday, 4 November 2016

What is a Mapping in Informatica ?

Informatica PowerCenter is an integrated tool set used to design, to run, to monitor, to administrate the data acquisition apps or ETL applications known as 'Mappings'.

Definition of Mapping in Informatica:

It is a graphical representation or pictorial representation of data flow from the source to target.
It is a path of data flow from the source to target.

Pre-requisits to design a mapping:

The following are needed to design a mapping in Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Source meta or source definition or source structure
  • target meta data and
  • business rules

Pass through mapping:

A mapping which created without any business rules is called 'Pass through mapping'.
It is also called as 'Simple Pass Mapping' or 'Direct Mapping'.
Minimum objects that are required to develop design a mapping in  is source definition and target defintions.

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