Friday, 4 November 2016

What is Informatica PowerCenter ?

Now a days we can find many popular ETL tools in the software industry.
Among them, the following are the Top 10 ETL Tools that are available in the market.

  1. Informatica PowerCenter
  2. Data Stage from IBM
  3. AB Initio
  4. ODI (Oracle Data Integrator)
  5. BODS (Business Object Data Services) from SAP
  6. SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) from MicroSoft
  7. Data Integration Studio from SAS
  8. Pentaho Data Integration
  9. Talend Open Studio For Data Integration
  10. Clover ETL

Informatica PowerCenter:

Informatica PowerCenter is a product of 'Informatica Corporation'. It was released in the year 1993.
This is the most popular and powerful ETL Tool which is used for Extraction, Transformation and Loading(ETL) purpose.

Data Extraction:

It is a process of extracting or pulling day to day transactional data from various types of sources like RDBMS sources(Oracle, Teradata, Sysbase), Files( .txt, .csv, .xml) and ERP sources(SAP, People Soft).

Data Transformation:

It is the process of converting the source data (input data) from one format to another format(client required format) by applying business logics.

Data Loading:

It is a process of populating or dumping the source data into the corresponding target systems. The data is loaded into the target system after the transformation. Here target systems means nothing but Data warehouse.

Informatica PowerCenter is a client server technology.

Informatica Client:
It is GUI which allows the user to develop ETL Applications. Those who develops ETL Applications are known as 'ETL Developers'

Informatica Server:
It is a service which executes ETL Applications developed by Informatica Client.

The work of the Reporting Developer starts only after the completion of the ETL Process.
The process of generating reports by querying the data from the data warehouse is called "Reporting". The tools used for reporting are called reporting tools. Those who develop reports using the reporting tools are called 'Reporting Developers'.

The following are top 5 reporting tools:
  • IBM Cognos
  • SAP BO
  • MicroStrategy
  • Tableau
  • QlikView

The process of constructing the DWH or designing the DWH, ETL and Reporting is called 'Data warehousing'.

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