Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Informatica Wiki | Informatica Careers | Informatica Scenarios

Informatica Wiki:

There are many websites in the world which will provide all the information about this etl tool from basics. In short we can say it as tutorials. Among them Indian Sites are giving best info for the beginners to learn all. The experienced candidates are maintaining these sites for various causes like some write articles to earn money, some write in brief to get the students to their institutions. What some clever people do is they will keep some videos which were explained clearly in the youtube with their institution names and mobile numbers. This is one type of business for them. But only few sites give real information about Informatica from the starting on wards they are Informatica Wiki which means a famous site called wikipedia site that gives entire description about the Informatica. It will provide all the information when it was started and who are the developers and the latest versions information like that.

Informatica Careers:

There are many opportunities in this company as it is a product based company. It has many branches all over the world. Many thousands of employees are working in the company with high salaries when compared to others. So many people will keep their target to get the job in Informatica. There are many ways to get the job in this company. They are as follows. If you have any people or employee who are in the high cadre in the company, you can ask them for the reference. They will upload your details in their office portal. So that you will be given good preference. but you be ready to answer all the questions that are asked in the interviews. If you don't know any one in the company then you can do one more thing. What you have to do is just go the official website of Informatica and go to 'Informatica Careers' and then register your email and fill all your details asked and upload your latest resume if necessary. Then you will get the emails whenever there are job openings in the company. Don't forget to give all the correct details there. Because once you fill your details in the informatica portal you can not change them once again. That is the reason why I am saying to be careful while filling all the columns.

Informatica Scenarios:

Informatica provides a separate forums page in the main site to raise your queries and doubts to post. You must be a registered user to post your doubts.  The people who know the answer and the people are interested will reply to your questions but you must be patience to get the answer. Because it will take time to get the replies, as many will be busy with their own works in office works etc., Also there are many other sites which will provide many discussions. Now a days after the technology has been developed there are many facebook groups where you can get the latest information about the jobs in various locations. The Informatica Scenarios are very important to practice as these are one of the most important part in the Informatica Interview Process. You have to practice various scenarios regularly to get perfect in this etl tool.

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